Expert advice to make strategic IT decisions, to

improve resource efficiency and performance

Virtual CIO consultants bring the all-important “operating experience” of a Managed Service Provider providing a 24×7 assistance


  • Develop and maintain an updated technology plan to keep your network current and secure
  • Schedule meetings to provide an update on support status and recommend updates before they become critical issues
  • Manage projects, including network, workstation, and server upgrades and enhancements
  • Provide budget and forecast assistance to effectively allocate technology investments
  • Act as vendor liaison by coordinating and managing vendor relations
  • Assist with purchasing or developing specifications to acquire new technologies that enhance your business


Unfortunately, plans for security and disaster recovery are often not thought of until a disaster has already occurred or security been breached. A virtual CIO gets in front of these possibilities by developing and implementing a preventative plan.

Knowledge & Expertise

Outsourcing the role of a CIO to an outside company means that the company is focused on developing a strategic roadmap for your company.

Developing a Tech Roadmap

IT is not a cost of doing business. Rather, it should be viewed as a tool that can be used to further overall business objectives.

Reducing Costs

Hiring a CIO is expensive. These salaries are usually well over six figures. Outsourcing allows the company to receive the benefits of planning and budgeting without the high overhead.

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