24/7 Remote Monitoring & Management

Safeguard your Entire IT Environment with Round-the-Clock Remote Monitoring

Techinover offers 24/7 monitoring of all your operating systems, business applications, databases and devices. We use a vigilant monitoring model to quickly identify issues as they arise. This enables us to fix issues before hackers have a chance to cause any problems to your business. Our strategy will boost the health and safety of your IT environment, and give you peace of mind to rest easy at night knowing Techinover is working to keep your network safe.


  • Troubleshooting and Analysis
  • Notification When Issues Occur
  • Issue Remediation Based on Documented Procedures
  • Utilization of Customer-Owned Toolsets
  • Vendor Management and Support
  • Escalation and Notification
  • Knowledge Management
  • Monitoring with Microsoft Operations Manager
  • Remediation Based on Documented Procedures
  • Incident Management with Microsoft Service Manager


We offer a customized array of services for any size company. Whether your organization is a corporate enterprise or a small to midsize business, we can find the right plan for you. Techinover’s technicians, account managers and subject matter experts are trained to easily work as an extension of your in-house IT personnel. You can consider Techinover a part of your team.


No one knows everything, but our IT professionals have significant IT experience and expertise. We can help you navigate your IT environment and make sure everything is operating smoothly.

On-Shore Staff

Our network, server and storage monitoring solutions are staffed by our U.S. based team in California.

ITIL Certified

Techinover professionals are ITIL certified to provide you the best level of IT service management (ITSM). We offer an efficient custom call center solution and a dedicated project manager.

Ready to manage your business today?


With our in-depth knowledge and our effective network tools, we can drill deep into your IT environment to ensure that it is operating smoothly. Contact Techinover today to find out how our ITIL certified staff can provide you with reliable and customizable services.

Standard Service Level Agreements

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15 Min

Response to all alerts

30 Min

Provide notification of issue based on a customer matrix

1 Hour

Escalation to higher tier support including vendors

Reduce Downtime

Find out about IT problems in real-time via alerts before your users even notice.

Enforce IT Compliance

The use of managed patching, antivirus and backups will protect your organization’s IT resources from attack and potential disaster.


Streamlined scripting for all devices for easy maintenance and systems deployment.