Cloud Solutions

With Cloud Solutions, we've got you covered.

Google Cloud Solutions

Are you on the cloud yet? Traditional onsite IT infrastructure can be costly and difficult to maintain compared to the efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of a robust cloud implementation. Save yourself a lot of headaches and let our professionals help you take advantage of the powerful Google Cloud environment.

Microsoft Solutions

From the desktop to the cloud, Microsoft offers a vast array of tools and services to help make your organization succeed. Our network of professionals can support the technologies that make your business go, including Office 365, Azure, Sharepoint, and many others.

Amazon Web Services

Whether you're looking for compute, storage, network, or some other facet of today’s hyper-converged IT infrastructure, Techinover can help make it happen. Leveraging the power, flexibility, scalability and reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we can help you build the sophisticated applications that will take your company to the next level.

Data Center Solutions

They can be hard to manage, but global network data centers that support your company’s mission are worth the effort. We at Techinover offer the comprehensive maintenance program for data centers that global players need.

Business Continuity Planning

There’s no excuse for not being prepared. The worst-case scenario may never come to reality, but we all must carefully plan for potential disasters well before they occur. Knowing how to wisely allocate financial and human resources during a serious network disruption can mean the difference in the survival of your business.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data protection is the name of the game when disaster strikes. Do you have an adequate backup plan, and would you know how to quickly recover all your systems following a sudden emergency?

Ready to start migrating your business?

Helping Companies Stay Focused

We all have trouble with distractions from time to time. Why not trust Techinover Cloud Solutions to handle the complex data and infrastructure issues that often plague you? This will free you up to focus on your business, the work that you do best.

Plan Benefits


When it comes to configuration and setup, Techinover has the skills and resources needed to handle the job. Call us when you need us. We can be your advisors, infrastructure builders and service providers all in one.


Cloud migrations can be a hassle. But rest assured, we've moved millions of users to the cloud, and we know how to keep services up and running during these transitions. We have your back..

Reduce Cost

IT costs can get way out of control if you let them. We can help your company reduce technical costs, improve performance and ensure reliability. Select between a one-time setup fee based on services ordered or fixed monthly billing.

Follow The Trend

You want to keep up with industry standards and practices so that you can compete. But how? Selecting the right products to meet your business needs, goals, and budget can be a challenge. Techinover offers secure cloud-based and on-premise solutions to minimize your frustrations and structure your technologies to perform for you.

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